This is the 3-week container for you to tap into your limitless abundance through energetic mastery, high frequency living, and magentism.
This is a space for deep healing, clearing, daily practices, and uplevels.
I'm IN!


When you feel safe to expand, and ask for what you truly desire you open a gateway to more embodiment and healing. 
We are exploring embodiment and somatic healing - where we are taking the practical and the energetic to ensure you are creating safety from within and not from the external.
Every day you will get a new prompt dropped right into the Facebook group for you to tap deeper into your consistent rituals & expansion. 

A new habit forms over 21 days - are you ready to commit to your next level?


This is the 21 day container to support you to heal, clear, and be supported by a community who is doing the work right beside you.


✔️You are a leader in the collective, who is ready to be fully expressed in her voice and vision while creating a life where she gets to have it all. 
✔️ You desire more spirituality in your life to connect you deeper into the collective and your intuition to tap into the divine guidance available to us at all times.
✔️ You are OVER playing small, and underestimating your abilities- and ready to unleash your genius. 
✔️Someone who desires to claim ownership over their truest selves and tap into their most authentic expression of them.
✔️ Believe you’re here for a bigger purpose and you know it’s necessary to do your work before you’re able to fully support and serve others and MAKE MONEY!!

During our time together you will move from:


  • Overwhelmed in what your next steps are TO more centered in your big picture vision.

  • Feeling like there is never enough time TO knowing and embodying real freedom because you are designing your life.

  • Disconnection in your process TO being tapped into consistent flow. 

  • Burn out TO always being able to hold the energy to quantum leap your reality.

  • Relationships that don't nurture or give you what you need TO deep love and connection in your relationships.

  • A business that feels like work TO a more centered and aligned vision so you can expand and receive more in your business.

  • Feeling anxious TO fully in your energetic mastery.

Ohhh yes!!! I am so ready!

It all started with a disempowering birth of my first son.

I didn’t know I could advocate for myself. I didn’t know I could say “no” to the authority as long as I was healthy and my baby was fine. 


“As long as the baby is healthy, that’s all that matters…” was the mentality. Until I realized that really shook me and re-traumatized me from past experiences of disempowerment. 


I had to take back my power.

Every single advancement in myself and my capabilities has required a nervous system rework to allow me to feel SAFE from the inside out.

**ENERGETIC UPLEVEL** For my second birth, I had switched providers, I practiced yoga, I studied HypnoBirthing and got out of my head and into my body Every. Single. Day. #embodiment


My time & effort invested in myself paid off when I birthed my second little homie free of any meds or interventions…just the way I wanted to! I was curious at the time…”I’m just gonna see how far I can get without any meds…”


From that point forward, I HAD to share my new knowledge with other expectant moms! Thus began my first business. **ENERGETIC UPLEVEL**


My entrepreneurial spirit craved freedom.

I don't like feeling constricted or small...I did that for long enough in my life. I don’t do well with authority so I knew I was going to be my own boss. Yes, I had a degree in psychology that I wasn’t really using but hey, following my heart mattered more to me than higher learning and using that degree in some way. **ENERGETIC UPLEVEL**


In 2010 when I founded New Moon Healing, a business focused on educating & supporting empowering birth experiences. I offered Kripalu yoga, HypnoBirthing and doula services. Energy healing, UPGRADES & spirituality was woven into all my teachings as well as attention to the moon phases for optimal manifestation & co-creation. **ENERGETIC UPLEVEL**


Accessing the subconscious mind, reprogramming limiting beliefs & embodying my soul assignment had me from the very beginning. When I came to yoga in 1999, a whole new world of a peaceful nervous system and limitless possibilities opened up before me. **ENERGETIC UPLEVEL**


Ever since watching The Secret in 2004-ish I knew how that I was a powerful creator in my life AND I knew the path of holding space for others to find their own empowerment was all mine!


What started as nervous system regulation for my prego clients has evolved into Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) regulation for my intuitive coaching clients. This is the starting point for all reprogramming and EMPOWERMENT, Embodiment, Energetics, Entrepreneurship, Next-Level Leadership. 



<<We can’t mindset our way to safety in our bodies>>

Safe to receive more of the abundance you are calling into your life...the love, the pleasure, the wealth, the success...


I’m telling you!!


My original (career) intent was to help survivors heal from abuse, inspired by my background & ability to integrate my healing. 


THIS HASN’T COME EASY!! Moving through my own inner work, GROUNDING to ASCEND has taken consistent devotion & dedication. 


I’ve shown UP. I’ve done my work and CONTINUE to!! This embodied high frequency living is a lifestyle.


Through overcoming codependency (twice!), which was a huge undertaking of putting my own pieces together, moving towards the healthy, conscious love I have aligned with NOW and becoming a Registered Nurse, surviving burnout and unprotected empath exhaustion, I have found my way back to helping survivors heal from abuse (what I originally went to school for-my psych degree) and CREATE A LIFE THEY LOVE! **ENERGETIC UPLEVEL**


Intuitive coaching fluidly unfolded for me. Teaching others how to become an energetic match to all they desire is everything! **ENERGETIC UPLEVEL**


My own empowerment, embodiment, and energetics have brought me to where I am today. I’ve had a trauma-informed approach with myself through my own deeply healing inner work and I extend that same luxury to my clients and community.


I started hitting $10K+ months in sales. I hired a team and continue to grow and scale. I enjoy a high frequency lifestyle rooted in allllll the limiting beliefs I have consciously reprogrammed, particularly around love and my capabilities to run a successful, soul-led business. **ENERGETIC UPLEVEL**


I get to live fully expressed in exactly who I am and I love to help others become more of who they are while creating a life they love!


The energetics behind your growing business matter a lot. Same with the energetics behind your love life, healthy conscious love often requires serious reprogramming.

Practicing and learning and reloading takes a conscious effort. In order to feel fully expressed in authenticity we are high frequency living and magnetism rule. We are energetic beings!!

It's time for you to 

stop chasing &

start attracting!!

YOU are magnetic - and over our 21 days together you are going to unlock your higher frequency of living and being.

You will be tapped into your fullest expression so you can call in your next level of clarity and confidence, knowing that you can manifest everything you desire. 



Week 1

Awaken & Amplify
This week, we are going all in on your desires and awakening you to the fact that we are energetic beings! We lean into gratitude to amplify our intentions and goals. What is your big picture vision? If you don't know yet, you will after week 1. We spend intentional time removing blocks and barriers around you claiming what you desire.


Week 2

Unleash & Embody 
This week we are identifying values, and checking in to make sure our actions are matching our true desires. This week we are going into the somatics and embodiment. 


Week 3

Magnetize & Attract
We talk about balancing the sacred energies and making sure that we have removed the barriers so we can welcome in our desires. Gearing up with the play and pleasure, and tapping into the feminine energy of the goddess.

Are you ready to tap into your higher frequency of living?


Join us for this 21 day experience - that will catalyze you to your next level! If you have been looking for consistency and accountability - this is for you! 

Join us now!


  • New assignments dropped every day inside of a private facebook group

  • Access to the private community for group support every day for 21 days

  • Unlimited, lifetime access to content
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Join us now!


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  • New assignments dropped every day inside of a private facebook group

  • Access to the private community for group support every day for 21 days

  • Unlimited, lifetime access to content
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“Kara's 6-week program was everything that she promised. Through this program I have found my stronger self through the many tools that she provided during this time. This program has helped me to know and value myself more than ever. I am without a doubt well on my way to working toward showing up in the next chapters of my life as my best self because of participating in this program. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is working on healing from trauma. Be sure that when you sign up for this program, that you are ready to do all of the work that Kara gives you in order for it to be successful. To anyone considering the program, know that you are worth this investment as Kara told me when I was considering it. Also let love guide your decision on whether to invest in yourself...and you will be glad that you did.”


"Kara's group coaching program really helped me connect with my wounded self in order to heal. Kara’s constant support and availability inspired me to do the inner work more enthusiastically to get aligned again.

She specifically works to empower empaths, so it felt like finding the right coach for myself. She structured my thoughts that I’d never thought of before by providing detailed workbooks in a perfectly designed sequence which made a lot of sense to me in my healing journey. The journal prompts in the workbooks really made me reflect upon the younger parts of myself where healing was needed the most.

In weekly call sessions Kara has always answered my questions beyond my expectations. Most of the days were totally overwhelming in the fact that I simply didn’t know what to do or how to go about it. Kara’s pragmatic takes on things was a massive help.”~from separate group coaching program


“Before I started the program, I feel like I didn't know anything about myself. I didn't know what I liked, what made me happy, what my purpose was, what the next step was etc. During the program, I had 2 break throughs that were probably the biggest turning point in my life, and I'm so grateful to have received them. 

My first breakthrough was that I finally figured out what I'm meant to be here to do. I had a lot of likes towards this area but it was also surrounded by doubt, and I never had the push to really figure it out until now. Every week the workbooks just honed in on that concept... what do you like to do? what are you passionate about? what is your purpose? what are good qualities about you? I was basically forced to sit down and figure out what my purpose is, and nothing was able to make me do it like this program. 

My second breakthrough was learning how to manifest properly. I do a lot of meditation and classes on abundance, happiness and overall spirituality but I didn't realize I wasn't manifesting correctly. I was always manifesting "love" or "a good job" or "happiness." While I had everything I "wanted" technically.... love all around me, friends and family, a job that paid bills, and a happy life, I didn't have what my soul secretly yearned, thus still making me feel incomplete. Through the program, I was able to see my flaws, and manifest correctly what I want in this matrix. It was like a lightbulb went off :) 

Kara's weekly zoom meetings also helped me and pushed me. She pushed me to do the work and really get to the bottom of inner issues I had. She didn't do it for me, but pushed me to do it MYSELF which is the best thing a teacher/guru/life coach can do for anybody. 

I am forever grateful for Kara and the gifts she gave me to leap into my highest self.”


Have more Questions? I have answers!