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1) Heart and Soul 21-Day self study program to reboot relationships and improve intimacy so you can show up fully for yourself and others!!!⁣ ($333 Value)⁣⁣

Day 1: What is Love?⁣⁣

Day 2: Mindfulness...read: Sensuality ⁣⁣

Day 3: Love makes the world go ‘round (love vs fear)⁣⁣

Day 4: Me first! #selflove⁣⁣

Day 5: Belonging ⁣⁣

Day 6: Types of love⁣⁣

Day 7: FOO⁣⁣

Day 8: Attachments in Love ⁣⁣

Day 9: Your Nervous System and The Polyvagal Theory⁣⁣

Day 10: Understanding your own trauma (as well as your partners), Barriers to Love, Triggers as Teachers⁣⁣

Day 11: Core Wounds-Shame, Guilt, Mistrust, Fear of Rejection +/or Abandonment⁣⁣

Day 12: The Void and Shadow Work⁣⁣

Day 13: Co-dependency, Enmeshment and Abuse⁣⁣

Day 14: Boundaries⁣⁣

Day 15: Inner Child Work and Reparenting⁣⁣

Day 16: ForGIVEness and acceptance ⁣⁣

Day 17: Intimacy “Into Me See”⁣⁣

Day 18: Initiating Lovin’s and Overcoming Sexual Shame⁣⁣

Day 19: Importance of Repair ⁣⁣

Day 20: LOA, Positive Affirmations⁣⁣

Day 21: Your Big Picture Vision

2) Gratitude For Daysss 5-day series to learn about the importance of healing the past in order to fully live in the present and look forward to the future ($111 Value)

Lemme break it down for you, day by day...

Day 1: HEALTH/BODY You have this one vehicle for your soul. Tune in for nurturing your sound body and mind and learn about the "Starts with You" premise!

Day 2: RELATIONSHIPS Get the detailed scoop on what is really going on for you! This is a big one when it comes to feeling grateful and abundant in our lives! In one way or another, we are constantly engaged in a relationship-with ourselves or with others. Energy flows where your attention goes! What are you focusing on?

Day 3: PASSIONS Translate: Business What invigorates you? What keeps you energized because it is so aligned with your souls' purpose??

Day 4: MONEY You may be sending out conflicting messages to the Universe if you have some deeply ingrained negative scripts about moo-la while saying you wish you had more of it. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude...and MONEY ;) Learn all about having a mindset of Prosperity and how to correct yo-self when it comes to crap thoughts about the all mighty green papah!

Day 5: NATURE What does your environment have to do with dealing with your childhood trauma, fixing your relationship Picker, and Gratitude?? You're gonna find out ;)

3) Connecting To Your Intuition 3-days ($111 Value) of valuable info designed to give your more awareness of your intuition and to take you deeper in your connection to this inner compass that we all have. After the 3-day series, you will:

  • Feel a stronger sense of SELF
  • Feel more confidence in following this inner guidance
  • Experience deeper connections to self and others
  • Bask in long lasting effects that spill over to all other areas of your life

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