6 weeks of soul purpose activations to awaken your unique gifts
so you can hit $5-10K months while honoring your call to serve!

 Birth Your Business, Bank The Benjamin's!!



This experience is for empaths, healers, light workers, and spiritual entrepreneurs who feel disconnected and STAGNANT!
Experience POWERFUL ACTIVATIONS as your destiny is revealed to you!
You’ll get crystal clear on how you’re called to serve...and how to MONETIZE that!!
Enjoy ENERGY CLEARING and major upgrades during our time together!
You will CO-CREATE your soul’s journey through participation in this program!
That BUSINESS you're carrying in your WOMB, waiting to give birth to!!?!
It's happening!

Through this experience you will shift


disconnected, STUCK, drifting













During our time together you will:

🌙align with HIGHER FREQUENCIES that support you and walking the divine path meant for only you!

🌙 learn new tools and techniques that help you drop the outdated, limiting beliefs keeping you stuck

🌙 be EMPOWERED as you unleash your divine assignment!

🌙learn how to get paid for being YOU, doing what you love!

🌙 balance Sacred Energies so you can grow your business

Conscious Co-Creators is a SACRED vessel for a POWERFUL, TRANSFORMATIVE experience most supportive of those on their spiritual path, ready to birth and grow their business, and START SEEING RESULTS!

It's time to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL!!

And in doing so, we gotta get those ROOTS strong and put SOLID energetic structures in place!!


✔️You’re ready for more! You're tired of playing SMALL!
✔️You KNOW you’re here to have a bigger IMPACT, just not sure what: you are still pinning it down!
✔️You want to create a new reality! Embodying a WHOLE NEW PARADIGM!
✔️You crave a deeper connection to your soul‘s purpose AKA your Divine Assignment
✔️ You love spirituality!
✔️ Believe you’re here for a bigger purpose and you know it’s necessary to do your work before you’re able to fully support and serve others and MAKE MONEY!!

Conscious Co-Creators is NOT for you if:

  • think everyone is out to get you
  • think people who have money are greedy or selfish
  • are not ready or willing to take responsibility of your life

No more excuses!

The excuses have kept you stuck and unable to move forward with the certainty necessary to start monetizing your INCREDIBLE gifts!!!
Only YOU can bring your magic to the world!!
We need you now more than ever!!
There is a beautiful group alchemy as we step into a new paradigm together!!
🔮Re-define “work”
🔮Re-write money scripts
🔮Open to receive all the abundance the universe has in store for you! It’s your birthright!!
We’re playing in the Quantum Field!!
Let go of 3D living and step FULL ON into SOUL EMBODIMENT!!!



▶ 6 Week Experience

▶ 6 jam-packed modules plus surprise BONUS content

▶Comprehensive weekly journaling prompts

▶Private FB group for just us-posting, questions, experiences, support, encouragement, sisterhood, camaraderie, etc
▶ Live group call Saturdays at 12pm EST on Zoom

▶24/7 Lifetime access to the content! Work it as many times as you want

Limited seats available.

Doors will close when limit is reached! 



Here’s an overview…what you can expect to learn more about!! ⬇⬇⬇

Week 1: Delightful Discoveries

This is your invitation to uncover what’s below the surface. We’ll get into some steamy topics all designed to help you unleash your divine assignment!!

Week 2: Impassioned Inner Work

It’s time to do some clearing and make space for anew. We get to do this deeply healing inner work and practice radical self-acceptance. Grounding is a necessary to component to ascension. Let’s do it!!

Week 3: Captivating CommUNITY

Indulge in visions of your ideal clients. Fall in love with your people. Allow your story and unique gifts to convey your intensity.



Week 4: White Hot Wealth Consciousness

Understand the power of positive (money) mindset. We dig into provocative concepts as you heal your money wounds, seeing that deniro is sultry and on fire, in the best way possible!! You will be fully supported as you create a sexy new offer!

Week 5: Suave Strategies

 Learn how to be a smooth operator when it comes to creating luscious packages and snazzy pricing. We'll delve into which platform feels most aligned and how to batch different types of content to connect authentically with your people. You'll be honing in on the attractive giveaways meant just for your adoring community so you can continue to nurture and empower them.

Week 6: Seductive Structures to Scale

 Get your practical, stable structure in place so you can eventually scale to higher levels in your business. There are many ways to go about this step; we'll be covering them all. 

Feel the EXCITEMENT and ANTICIPATION that comes from putting SOLID structures in place for your business to TAKE OFF from!!

Payment Plan


For 6 Months

  • New training module each week

  • Hot seat coaching

  • BONUS: Live group coaching call with Kara each week
  • BONUS: Private FB group

  • Unlimited, lifetime access to content
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Pay in Full


One Time Payment

  • New training module each week

  • Hot seat coaching

  • BONUS: Live group coaching call with Kara each week
  • BONUS: Private FB group

  • Unlimited, lifetime access to content
I'm Ready!!

VIP option


more individualized support

  • New training module each week

  • Hot seat coaching

  • BONUS: Live group coaching call with Kara each week
  • BONUS: Private FB group

  • Unlimited, lifetime access to content
  • ADDITIONAL (6) weekly 1:1 calls with Kara
  • Limited spots left!
Let's do this!!


BONUS 1️⃣Co-Create Checklist: Birth Your Spiritual Business 📝 ($111 value)
BONUS 2️⃣Immediate access to the ever-growing Meditation and Breathwork Library with 11+ guided meditations to take your business to the next level 🧘🏻‍♀️ ($111 value)
BONUS3️⃣EXCLUSIVE 45 minute 1:1 call w Kara ($222 value) Individualized attention and a chance to connect so you’re able to get more out of the program.

$444+ Value in BONUSES!!

Personal share from me, My Loves...

I created this program because it took me years to grow my business and I want to help EMPOWER you through the birth and growth of yours!


I have the pleasure of KNOWING with certainty what my divine assignment is. I've created and built two successful businesses based on the callings of my soul. I designed this incredible, transformative program to show you how it's done!


I know what it feels like to not have a clue what direction you're heading with your business and I don’t want you to feel like that!!


My first passion is my birth business. I've been a birth doula for over a decade, teaching HypnoBirthing (hypnosis for birth) and prenatal yoga since 2010. I've had the honor of welcoming in over 100 babies into this world, supporting and guiding mamas and their birth companions through empowering experiences of labor and birth.

In my Intuitive Empowerment Coaching, I get to support and guide my clients through their own rebirth, creating a new reality for themselves.

As far as my love coaching goes, I guide women through the deep soul work to get the love they want!

In terms of my business coaching, I support transmissions of energy as you lay the groundwork for your spiritual business then implement solid strategies help you scale to 5-10K months!

I still get to do my doula work, I'm an RN home birth assistant, psychic intuitive and energy healer. 

All while continuing to build my successful online coaching business here with other spiritual, heart-centered entrepreneurs ready to take the leap and start seeing some results!!

Testimonials: the word on the streets!!


“Kara's 6-week program was everything that she promised. Through this program I have found my stronger self through the many tools that she provided during this time. This program has helped me to know and value myself more than ever. I am without a doubt well on my way to working toward showing up in the next chapters of my life as my best self because of participating in this program. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is working on healing from trauma. Be sure that when you sign up for this program, that you are ready to do all of the work that Kara gives you in order for it to be successful. To anyone considering the program, know that you are worth this investment as Kara told me when I was considering it. Also let love guide your decision on whether to invest in yourself...and you will be glad that you did.”


"Kara's group coaching program really helped me connect with my wounded self in order to heal. Kara’s constant support and availability inspired me to do the inner work more enthusiastically to get aligned again.

She specifically works to empower empaths, so it felt like finding the right coach for myself. She structured my thoughts that I’d never thought of before by providing detailed workbooks in a perfectly designed sequence which made a lot of sense to me in my healing journey. The journal prompts in the workbooks really made me reflect upon the younger parts of myself where healing was needed the most.

In weekly call sessions Kara has always answered my questions beyond my expectations. Most of the days were totally overwhelming in the fact that I simply didn’t know what to do or how to go about it. Kara’s pragmatic takes on things was a massive help.”~from separate group coaching program


“Before I started the program, I feel like I didn't know anything about myself. I didn't know what I liked, what made me happy, what my purpose was, what the next step was etc. During the program, I had 2 break throughs that were probably the biggest turning point in my life, and I'm so grateful to have received them. 

My first breakthrough was that I finally figured out what I'm meant to be here to do. I had a lot of likes towards this area but it was also surrounded by doubt, and I never had the push to really figure it out until now. Every week the workbooks just honed in on that concept... what do you like to do? what are you passionate about? what is your purpose? what are good qualities about you? I was basically forced to sit down and figure out what my purpose is, and nothing was able to make me do it like this program. 

My second breakthrough was learning how to manifest properly. I do a lot of meditation and classes on abundance, happiness and overall spirituality but I didn't realize I wasn't manifesting correctly. I was always manifesting "love" or "a good job" or "happiness." While I had everything I "wanted" technically.... love all around me, friends and family, a job that paid bills, and a happy life, I didn't have what my soul secretly yearned, thus still making me feel incomplete. Through the program, I was able to see my flaws, and manifest correctly what I want in this matrix. It was like a lightbulb went off :) 

Kara's weekly zoom meetings also helped me and pushed me. She pushed me to do the work and really get to the bottom of inner issues I had. She didn't do it for me, but pushed me to do it MYSELF which is the best thing a teacher/guru/life coach can do for anybody. 

I am forever grateful for Kara and the gifts she gave me to leap into my highest self.”


How is Conscious Co-Creators different from other personal development programs?

Dynamic Experience

There are many overlapping concepts we get to DIG into together. Deep healing takes place through this inner work.

Kara is Unique

With an emphasis on spirituality, love, and BUSINESS, Kara brings knowledge from growing her own online business as well as her background in psychology, yoga, birth work, energy healing, and nursing-the most trusted profession, to guide and support your healing as optimally as possible! This creates such a stable foundation to grow your spiritual business, on an energetic level, so you can FLOURISH in a physical, tangible level!


This deeply healing inner work affects alllllll other areas of your life! Doing the work this program walks you through provides the stability and security one needs to then expand and be sure of yourself in every other facet of life, most importantly: in your BUSINESS!