Leave your toxic relationship, commit to learn new, HEALTHY patterns of behavior, fall madly in love with yourself and attract a new partner to have a loving relationship with!

I Want to Be a Cycle Breaker!

Hey! I'm Kara!

Author, teacher, empath, truth seeker, recovering love addict, deep lover of spirituality and soul ascension. In my two serious adult relationships, I struggled with love addiction: trauma bonded in codependency. I had a hard time knowing when to walk away. I’m also an Intuitive Life Coach!! My background in psychology (BA) and nursing, with a focus on rebirth have given me a stable foundation to walk you through your own empowerment. I’ve been a (Kripalu) certified yoga instructor for 12+ years and have lovingly practiced energy healing for even longer. I love LOVE. And ya know what I love even more than love?? Healthy, uplifting, supportive intimate relationships.

I provide high-quality, knowledgeable education, inspiration, encouragement and guidance. 

You’ll incorporate rituals and practices for healing that I offer during our LIVE calls each month, as well as hella connection through our private commUNITY forum on Facebook. 


You are my soul tribe member if you are:

Ambitious, driven, overachiever. You’re ready to do the damn thing and create a new reality for birth a new version of yourself. 

Empath, Truth Seeker, Healer, FEELER

You. Love. Hard. You give so much to those who matter to you. This sometimes gets you in trouble tho...toxic relationship patterns, fall for emotionally unavailable people, long for depth and connection. You’re ready to break this cycle #cyclebreaker

Spiritual AF, conscious, aware (striving towards)

Unique Gifts: soul purpose, divine assignment!! You’re underutilizing your talents and are ready to step into your power!! You’re ready to learn how to be energized by your “work” instead of drained by it. 

Want to be led by someone you trust, who knows their shit and who will lovingly fast-track your results. 

You’re all about clearing, decluttering, making space so you can welcome in all the abundance that awaits you!

You long for your soul tribe...a sense of belonging, like-minded peeps who just “get it”!

Aware of how fears and limiting beliefs hold you back! You’re the one in your way. You self-sabotage by not finishing projects you start, show up late or not at all, isolating yourself when you get overwhelmed, struggle with anxiety and feel unsure of how to move forward. You are ready to break the cycle!

You’re ready to attract the Sacred Love of Your Life!!

Ohhh, This Is Me!

Membership Philosophy

We are a soul tribe commUNITY of truth seekers who have come together to support, encourage, hold space for one another as we grow, evolve, expand, ascend!!  You are aligning your energy so you can attract a sacred love and build a healthy relationship. 

This is deeply healing work, on a SOUL level! 

I'm here for it!

In my last relationship, I was caught in a push-pull dynamic with my significant other (SO). It was at least a solid year of begging for his love, after being together for 5 years. 

If you’re in a similar dynamic, I know how you feel. I felt stuck, until I came to a very powerful realization. 

Before I realized...real eyes...this nugget of truth, I was in a sick cycle of:

 Intense, fiery “love”, craving SO

 Push-pull, rollercoaster dynamics 

 Major fight or flight mode

 Desire closeness from my SO

 Getting pushed away by my SO because of my desire for closeness (only connect during sex, shut out all other times)

  Breaking up

Repeat 1-6 

This cycle left me wondering:

“Why doesn’t he want to be with me?” in between him reaching out for intimacy (read: booty calls)

“Our connection is so strong, how is he just letting it all go??” (after being together for 5 years before that, thinking I was gonna marry him and be with him the rest of my life)

”What was wrong with me?”, feeling like I wasn’t enough and that I was super unloveable

I was holding onto my dreams with white knuckles, ever hopeful he would see how wonderful things could be for us they were in the beginning. 

Crazy, right??

I would see photos of happy couples and get so sad, happy for them yet pangs of envy would flare up. Being around other couples who got along gave me the same feelings.

I tried it all: therapy , PD books, online courses and hiring mentors



I drew on my background in psychology, yoga, spirituality, nursing, and my love of LOVE. I finally realized what was going on...

Why he felt like home to me.

Why the sex was off-the-charts amazing and how that kept me in the toxic cycle.

Why I was unconsciously energetically attracting a partner who was emotionally unavailable.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I discovered the main reason why I’ll never repeat this cycle again!! #cyclebreaker

And it’s freaking GOLD!! 

The most vital information you can have to take control of your love life is your Attachment Style! 

If I hadn’t received this info from my guides, I’d probably still be living in hell, repeating the same toxic cycles, thinking it was love. 

Because of how relevant this information is, I typically book out my 1:1 private client spots. That’s why I created this whole Sacred Heart Membership site to be able to support your growth and ensure you NEVER end up in this kind of relationship again!

This is powerful, life-changing stuff!!

So What's Included?

new monthly content

New delivered monthly, often weekly! We delve into a new theme every month. Topics listed below.


live q&a calls

Live Members-Only Q+A call on Zoom once/month. This is heart to heart talk with Kara ♥️ THE THIRD TUESDAY OF THE MONTH. Ask anything! Submit questions ahead of time. Replays available to access anytime (with CC too!)


moon circle

Monthly Moon circle (honoring the full or new moon)


deep reflections

to support your healing journey

book club

Sacred Heart Book club


Soul Tribe deep sense of belonging


Positive Affirmations to your phone on the text line


energetic field

Being in Kara’s energetic field (frequency is everything!)

bonus #1

Access to Meditation & Breathwork Library

bonus #2

Access to Balancing Sacred Energies offering (60 minutes of learning about divine masculine/divine feminine, what imbalances look like, how to re-balance for harmony in your sacred love relationship)

bonus #3

70+ page Spiritual Guide with rituals and practices to empower and ground your energy so you can attract your sacred love

Monthly Topics



We dive into the 12 Laws of the Universe and how to harness the power of them, especially as they relate to sacred love and relationships.



The LOVE month! Live with intention when it comes to creating a sacred love, understand your worth, dig in to your purpose and Divine Assignment



Yes, yes, yes! A whole month of subtle body and energy centers! What each represents and how important it is to balance them all.



Spiritual awakening, raising your vibration, learning about being an energetic being and how this ties in with sacred love and relationships. We're also getting into mystery and wonder, particularly death and the afterlife.



Sensuality, pleasure, mindfulness, and play! This is necessary when it comes to attracting a sacred love. Learn to unpack in your divine feminine energy so you can call in your strong divine masculine counterpart.



Let your light SHINE! Be reminded of your worth, your inner radiance. This dictates so much of how we show up in relationships.



We need to feel that we belong..this is fundamental! This soul tribe commUNITY is the best place for you. With this strong base, we then look into the void, addictions, shadow work, inner child healing, and reparenting. Feel accepted and at peace.



Seriously. To attract your sacred love we MUST get it together! Lots of talk about attachments and nervous system regulation. You will feel empowered.



Balance your energies! We get into the divine masculine and feminine energies and how vital this balance is to drawing in your sacred love. It's dynamic and beautiful! I love this!



Learn what it means to move from a judgement-free awareness. When we practice being a neutral observer of triggers, thoughts, emotions, reactions the entire game is FLIPPED! This is where your true power lies.



We get to free up all the burdens and stressors so you can make space for anew. Sacred love exists...but not when we are holding onto the drama and the maladaptive relationship patterns. We talk love and loss, grief, acceptance, forgiveness, and letting go!



Raise your vibration through establishing a practice of appreciation. When coming to terms with the end of a relationship, turn to gratitude. When calling in your sacred love, turn to gratitude.

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Your Commitment

Show up for yourself and others! Post, comment, offer support, be real. 

Your devotion and your commitment to doing the work is what gets you the results you desire. 

I will meet you there.

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Let's connect the dots between your childhood and adult relationship challenges.

see you on the inside!!

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