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Include this in your purchase to maximize your connection to self. Turning inward through meditation + breathwork is a huge part of accelerating your healing journey. It helps with integration.

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Embodied Intimacy

The 21 day self-study course to reclaim relationships and become an energetic match to all your desire in love. You get IMMEDIATE access upon checkout. 

This program is for you if you are wanting to improve the relationship with your self and others. 


Moving from 

loneliness-like you’ll never find love or you’re settling 

≫lacking self-love, looking externally for others to save you in some way

isolation-your guard is up, your walls are high, you’re not comfortable letting anyone in

toxic patterns of behavior-feeling like your “picker is broken” or that you’re “unlucky in love” over + over

you get clingy or “needy,” grasping for love, putting your own needs aside for others

you desire more closeness than your partner 

you’re all over the place with your emotions, consumed by your love life (or lack thereof)


Triumphantly TO

knowing your worth and all you bring to the table… you’re not afraid to eat alone 🍽

⋙aware + embodied in what a gem you are, how valuable your love is

improved quality of relationships

irresistible and magnetic to lovers




▿ leaving a toxic relationship, my client who once feared being alone now gardens, enjoys solo hikes, relishes her alone time + knows how special it is to share herself with others. Through fierce acts of self love, she set her standards and does not plan on excepting anything less from her future partner. 


▿ aware of repeated patterns of dating emotionally unavailable men who don’t return texts, ghost, or make excuses to not spend time together, another client chose herself first and is now able to identify red flags early on, saving herself time, energy, and heartbreak in the long run


▿ after diving into this deeply healing inner work, another client now has men coming out of the woodwork, magnetized by her energy. Knowing her worth, she refuses to settle for anything less than high quality relationships. This includes more loving touches, quality time relaxing at home or sharing new adventures together being vulnerable as the real, authentic version of herself. The experience of being held in his arms, laughing while dancing in the kitchen as their dinner cooks, a joint venture they love tackling together is one she plans on reliving over and over. 




See into me…SPOILER ALERT🚨: the basis of this program is self love. It starts with you. If you are not ready to take radical responsibility for yourself, this program is not for you. 


If you are ready to feel more confident, clear + empowered in all your intimate relationships, then YES! I am so excited for you to get started!!


Each of the 21 days includes a lesson. Some days include a video, a worksheet or PDF, or suggested implementation of a task. 


You’ve found your way here to my site for a reason. I'm Kara Karaoguz, an intuitive life coach, sacred spiritual mentor, a channel, published author, RN, birth doula, HypnoBirthing teacher, certified yoga instructor, Reiki II, EFT & NLP practitioner, mom, lover, fighter. I also have a 4-year degree in psychology and I love love LOVE neurophysiology.


Personally, I have overcome codependency and now have the honor + pleasure of building a healthy, conscious love with my significant other, JD. 


Professionally, I have helped thousands of women create a life they love in relationships and an entrepreneurship through regulation, self-mastery, soul alignment, energetics and manifestation. This includes birthing babies as well as birthing new versions of yourself. It’s my soul assignment + I’m here for every minute of it.