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Embodied Expansion

This is an in-depth 5 part series to learn nervous system regulation to support your growth + manifestationsYou get IMMEDIATE access upon checkout. 

The lessons are meant for healers, heart centered soul led entrepreneurs, creatives, visionaries, influencers, rebels, spiritual CEOs, and high-level leaders.


If you have a desire to improve the quality of your life, navigate stress with ease, learn how to come back to CALM + SAFE in your body efficiently then this program is for you!


You will move from

tensed muscles in your shoulders, neck, jaw often leading to a headache, which decreases your productivity

 feeling a sense of impending doom in pit of your stomach, unable to eat because you are so stressed

≫ repeated nights of broken sleep causing you to be intolerant of others, low on energy, short-fused, unable to focus, or grumpy

≫ your heart and chest feeling constricted, heart racing, breath fast + shallow thus leading to inability to focus on your tasks or guide your clients in the way you know you are capable of 

 difficulty showing up online because anxiety stops you, impacting your visibility and likely costing you sales

≫ feeling wired, like you stuck your finger in an electrical socket...nerves fried

wasting time feeling frustrated and annoyed, obsessively replaying unproductive thoughts, unable to think straight, hard time problem-solving

≫ unable to effectively hold space for your clients because you are dysregulated in your own nervous system


Triumphantly TO

 present for yourself + others, grounded in your body thus improving the quality of your relationships

⋙feeling at ease, confident + clear, like there are more hours in the day because you are not losing time stressing

 creativity flowing freely, allowing your channel to open now that you'll be out of survival mode

⋙ more VIBRANCE + sense of freedom, rooted in that stable, grounded place inside yourself

⋙ very clearly understanding your role in relationship challenges that have held you back from your highest potential, course correcting now that you have increased awareness + transformative steps to take to become even more empowered


Stress Reduction is talked about a lot. I’m not convinced!

Really, it is much more valuable to learn about Stress Resilience.

Module 1: Learn about the nervous system, the three regulatory pathways of the Polyvagal Theory + what it means to regulate.

Module 2: We are exploring Healthy Connections which special emphasis on Attachment Theory, correlation between love + money, codependency + establishing safe + secure dynamics.

Module 3: Together we discuss the different versions of you and how the nervous system comes into play, ultimately guiding you towards the best version, your highest potential, your fullest expression.

Module 4: Let your heart lead the way as you declare your deepest desires, your big picture vision + walk through each of the 12 Laws of The Universe, playing in the quantum field with a flexible, resilient, regulated nervous system.

Module 5: Learn + try out 10 Powerful Practices to Build Resilience.


Each of the 5 modules includes an instructional video and a PDF workbook

BONUS access to my Meditation + Breathwork Library ($111 Value)

PLUS The Regulation Cheat Sheet!


You’ve found your way here for a reason. I'm Kara Karaoguz, an intuitive embodiment coach, sacred spiritual mentor, a channel, published author, RN, birth doula, HypnoBirthing teacher, certified yoga instructor, Reiki II, EFT & NLP practitioner, mom, lover, fighter. I also have a 4-year degree in psychology and I love love LOVE neurophysiology.


Personally, I have taught myself how to be resilient AF in life through ANS regulation. I now have the honor + pleasure of scaling my business to new heights, as well as building a healthy, conscious love with my significant other, JD. Both bring so much joy!


Professionally, I have helped thousands of humans access deep peace in their nervous system, successfully having empowering birth experiences, creating a life they love in relationships and in entrepreneurship through regulation, self-mastery, soul alignment, energetics and manifestation. This includes birthing babies as well as birthing new versions of yourself. It’s my soul assignment + I’m here for every minute of it.




A private client who has been practicing nervous system regulation with me for nearly 2 years had a recent experience she shared with me. She walked into an exotic car dealership with her head held high, shoulders back, heart shining forward, smiling ready to make a big investment without breaking a sweat. She messaged me: “Allllll the calm, centered yet exciting vibes. I love feeling totally aligned with my decisions, especially the major ones, knowing these are not coincidental circumstances, they are nods from the universe telling me: pursue.” This is feeling grounded + regulated in the nervous system while expanding to your highest potential, manifesting a life you love!!


Another private client who has been working with me for over two years is basking in self-mastery and nervous system regulation. Where there used to be fear and uncertainty around having hard conversations with her partner, now she powerfully asserts her needs and boundaries knowing it is safe to express these in the relationship. They are currently RVing along the east coast, experiencing the best intimacy and communication they’ve ever had in the 5+ years they’ve been a couple!