Reclaim Your


6 weeks of deep soul work so you can get the love you want!!



So you’re an Empath, Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Healer, Truth Seeker, Light worker or leader, Spiritual Entrepreneur, and you’ve been going THROUGH IT lately…
You're sad and moving through the grieving process. Love and loss are part of our existence.
And it's time to move through it and put it behind you!! Feel, deal, heal!!

You are the giver. You will give give GIVE of yourself, often at your own expense.
You tend to wear the pants in the relationship and get sh*t done!
Most of the time, you feel like you're chasing love, with a partner who is too busy or flat out emotionally unavailable...ugh...

That love you're craving?? It's yours!

This comprehensive program will take you from






MAGNETIC to your true love!!

Give yourself the gift of moving from heartbroken with unmet needs, feeling confused and lost to CONFIDENT AND MAGNETIC AF!
You got this, babes!! Let’s do it!!

Expect to feel very free and invigorated, and most of all: at peace. This is growth and positive transformation at its finest!! Serious inquires only!
Reclaim Your Relationships is a SACRED vessel of healing as well as a trauma-informed group coaching intensive designed to be supportive of those on their spiritual healing journey READY TO START SEEING RESULTS!









You will learn all the ins and outs of truly getting the LOVE you want. Learn how the Law of Attraction and the concept of co-creating tie in with all this!!

This program is for YOU if:

✔️feel like your picker is broken
✔️are ready to end (or have ended) a toxic, unhealthy relationship
✔️ want to create a new reality
✔️ tend to feel "needy" and insecure in relationships
✔️ love spirituality
✔️ Believe you’re here for a bigger purpose and you know it’s necessary to do your work before you’re able to fully support and serve others

Reclaim Your Relationships is NOT for you if:

  • want to change your partner and not yourself
  • you see happy couples and think they're just lucky and don't really have to work at it
  • are not willing to look at the way you are showing up for yourself and others with a fine tooth comb to identify the areas that are needing extra love and reprogramming

▶ 6 Week Intensive

▶ 6 jam-packed modules

▶Comprehensive weekly workbook

▶Private FB group for just us-posting, questions, experiences, support, encouragement, sisterhood, camaraderie, etc
▶Live group call Wednesdays at 7pm EST on Zoom

▶24/7 Lifetime access to the content! Work it as many times as you want

Limited seats available. Doors will close when limit has been reached! 



Here’s an overview…what you can expect to learn more about!! ⬇⬇⬇

Week 1: Irresistible You!

Get to know yourself better than ever before-essential to your healing and attracting your greatest LOVE of all!!  Increasing self awareness, begin to clear, heal, dissolve, transmute the negative energy, and gain an understanding of the emotional scales. YOUR VIBE ATTRACTS YOUR TRIBE! It starts with you, my love...and so, this is our starting point together! 

Week 2: Make Love (not war!)

Understand your roots and under pinnings of all relationships NOW! Have you made the connection between your childhood and your adult relationship problems?? We focus on the inner child, reparenting and decluttering. Gain valuable insights into how you operate and WHY in order to stop those thought patterns and behaviors no longer serving you!

Week 3: Did you get the message?

Oh, the messages all around us!!! All around us and WITHIN us. Learn about your body's physiology, take an in-depth look at boundaries, attachment styles, value the old coping patterns that kept you safe and establish new responses!

Learn about 3D->4D->5D, divine timing, and challenge your egoic ways of perceiving life!

Week 4: Happy Dance Week!

Abundance, prosperity, JOY, and gratitude! You will be flying high and dancing freely this week!! Tap into your unique flow this and learn the value of welcoming in allllllll the happiness and LOVE meant for you!!

Week 5: Bringing In Your Love!

As we allow for integration, you'll be starting to feel refreshed and invigorated, with a new sense of self worth, self esteem, confidence!

Your new found ability to regulate, supports you in experiencing a REBIRTH-new version of self! Remembering your soul purpose AKA your divine assignment will feel like a homecoming!

We get into soul contracts, karmic bonds, soul mates, twin flames, and life partners. We even dabble in wealth consciousness and money mindset because our relationship with LOVE and MONEY is so closely related! It's magical!!

Week 6: Magnetic Manifestations

Develop a new vision for your future! Get crystal clear on your dream life, with those barriers previously worked on and removed, allow yourself to truly receive the LOVE you want!! No more blocks to your abundance! Understand the Law Of Attraction (LOA) and what it means to live with intention!

Feel the sense of SURRENDER and PEACE that comes from doing deeply healing soul work in a safe, sacred space!

Payment Plan


For 7 Months

  • New training module each week

  • New educational video each week
  • Hot seat coaching

  • BONUS: Live group coaching call with Kara each week
  • BONUS: Private FB group

  • Unlimited, lifetime access to content
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  • New training module each week

  • New educational video each week
  • Hot seat coaching

  • BONUS: Live group coaching call with Kara each week
  • BONUS: Private FB group

  • Unlimited, lifetime access to content
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more individualized support

  • New training module each week

  • New educational video each week
  • Hot seat coaching

  • BONUS: Live group coaching call with Kara each week
  • BONUS: Private FB group

  • Unlimited, lifetime access to content
  • ADDITIONAL (6) weekly 1:1 calls with Kara
    • Limited spots left!
Let's do this!!


BONUS 1️⃣Manifest Your True Love Checklist 📝 ($55 value)
BONUS 2️⃣Immediate access to the ever-growing Meditation and Breathwork Library with 11+ guided meditations to take your love life to the next level 🧘🏻‍♀️ ($111 value)
BONUS 3️⃣Relationship Regulation A relevant masterclass explaining workings of nervous system and how to get a handle of yourself when you’re freaking out! This matters when in dynamic with another...and it especially matters when we repair after a conflict ($55 value)
BONUS 4️⃣EXCLUSIVE 45 minute 1:1 call w Kara ($222 value) Individualized attention and a chance to connect so you’re able to get more out of the program.

$444+ Value in BONUSES!!

Vulnerable share from me, My Loves...

I created this program because I was heartbroken, in a constant state of GRIEF, longing for deep peace and craving love.


My childhood traumas showed up in a big way in my adult romantic relationships and I put the pieces together to create this incredible, transformative program!


I know what it feels like to be disempowered and I don’t ever want others to feel like that!!

We all have a story; mine involves childhood sexual abuse and rape. I was a very lost, rebellious teen. After finding yoga at 19, then graduated with a BA in psychology nearly 20 yrs ago, my spiritual journey began and I was bound to help others heal from abuse.

I put my career on hold to raise a family, only after having a traumatic birth experience with my first son and an empowering experience with my second son did I realize I’m here to teach and EMPOWER others. Period.
After empowering women during their birth experience for many years (birth doula, HypnoBirthing educator, prenatal yoga instructor, reiki healer), in 2012 I went back to school and became an RN. I wanted to be a Midwife and do my part to change the culture of birth!! There would be no traumatic, disempowering birth in my hands!!
Then I realized I like my sleep and (truth be told) the nursing path wasn’t aligned with my soul's purpose!!

Lo and behold, I have found my way back to supporting and guiding survivors as an Intuitive Empowerment Coach!


I've had toxic, codependent relationships that revealed my own much-needed healing!! As painful as the relationships were, I learned so much about myself and am now able to share it with you for YOUR GROWTH!


Testimonials: the word on the streets!!


“Kara's 6-week program was everything that she promised. Through this program I have found my stronger self through the many tools that she provided during this time. This program has helped me to know and value myself more than ever. I am without a doubt well on my way to working toward showing up in the next chapters of my life as my best self because of participating in this program. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is working on healing from trauma. Be sure that when you sign up for this program, that you are ready to do all of the work that Kara gives you in order for it to be successful. To anyone considering the program, know that you are worth this investment as Kara told me when I was considering it. Also let love guide your decision on whether to invest in yourself...and you will be glad that you did.”


"Kara's group coaching program really helped me connect with my wounded self in order to heal. Kara’s constant support and availability inspired me to do the inner work more enthusiastically to get aligned again.

She specifically works to empower empaths, so it felt like finding the right coach for myself. She structured my thoughts that I’d never thought of before by providing detailed workbooks in a perfectly designed sequence which made a lot of sense to me in my healing journey. The journal prompts in the workbooks really made me reflect upon the younger parts of myself where healing was needed the most.

In weekly call sessions Kara has always answered my questions beyond my expectations. Most of the days were totally overwhelming in the fact that I simply didn’t know what to do or how to go about it. Kara’s pragmatic takes on things was a massive help.”~from separate group coaching program


“Before I started the program, I feel like I didn't know anything about myself. I didn't know what I liked, what made me happy, what my purpose was, what the next step was etc. During the program, I had 2 break throughs that were probably the biggest turning point in my life, and I'm so grateful to have received them. 

My first breakthrough was that I finally figured out what I'm meant to be here to do. I had a lot of likes towards this area but it was also surrounded by doubt, and I never had the push to really figure it out until now. Every week the workbooks just honed in on that concept... what do you like to do? what are you passionate about? what is your purpose? what are good qualities about you? I was basically forced to sit down and figure out what my purpose is, and nothing was able to make me do it like this program. 

My second breakthrough was learning how to manifest properly. I do a lot of meditation and classes on abundance, happiness and overall spirituality but I didn't realize I wasn't manifesting correctly. I was always manifesting "love" or "a good job" or "happiness." While I had everything I "wanted" technically.... love all around me, friends and family, a job that paid bills, and a happy life, I didn't have what my soul secretly yearned, thus still making me feel incomplete. Through the program, I was able to see my flaws, and manifest correctly what I want in this matrix. It was like a lightbulb went off :) 

Kara's weekly zoom meetings also helped me and pushed me. She pushed me to do the work and really get to the bottom of inner issues I had. She didn't do it for me, but pushed me to do it MYSELF which is the best thing a teacher/guru/life coach can do for anybody. 

I am forever grateful for Kara and the gifts she gave me to leap into my highest self.”


How is Reclaim Your Relationships different from other personal development programs?

Dynamic Experience

There are many overlapping concepts we get to DIG into together. Deep healing takes place through this inner work.

Kara is Unique

With an emphasis on spirituality, soul ascension, and LOVE, Kara brings knowledge from her background in psychology, yoga, birth work, energy healing, and nursing-the most trusted profession, to guide and support your healing as optimally as possible! This brings your long-lasting true LOVE in on an energetic level.


This deeply healing inner work affects alllllll other areas of your life! Getting your love life straightened out provides the stability and security one needs to then expand and be sure of yourself in every other facet of life.