Join us for the Root Down to Rise Up Masterclass! 


Friday 4/22/2022 at 12pm ET


Learn what nervous system regulation has to do with your growing online business and your ability to HOLD RISING SUCCESS, IMPACT AND INFLUENCE! (Psst...spoiler alert...A LOT!!)

For the woman who is growing her business in the online space,

From the newb coach just starting out, who feels the PULL to start her soul-led business and start serving others already,

To the seasoned Spiritual Entrepreneur, CEO status, who feels the mounting pressure of success and wants tools to hold this new level of wealth, sustain a long-lasting business model from a grounded, stable place

 In this interactive workshop I’m teaching you how to understand your own stress response, identify triggers within your own systems and structure of biz and of course, how to bounce back to calm fast and efficiently so you can spend more time in your brain's higher executive functions!

Claim your spot in this POWERFUL 45 minute workshop - and move from safe, social engagement so you can use the higher executive functions in your brain to plan for the future, solve problems, stay motivated, and regulate your emotions. 

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I'm so IN for this!

Next level expansion requires GROUNDING and a felt sense of safety in your body.


Your ability to create a sustainable, thriving empire requires building on a solid foundation.

Rise as a leader, especially through the discomforts. 


You can expect to learn all about getting out of survival mode and into your natural state of creativity, play, connection and joy which are all SO much more supportive to your growing, thriving online business than fight, flight, fawn or freeze. 


When your nervous system is flexible and resilient, you feel calm, curious, focused and present.


You're more likely to feel confident taking up space as your visibility increases, you book more soul-aligned clients, and your business soars to new heights!


Imagine more productivity...

Imagine improved quality of relationships...

Imagine more restful sleep, resulting in more energy during the day...


With a balanced nervous system, when you make mistakes you LEARN FROM THEM. You're more likely to get back up after you fall down. You see these types of situations as "failing forward." All good, all lessons!


Nervous System Regulation Workshop for Online Entrepreneurs to Hold Rising Success, Impact and Influence


Learn to quiet your overthinking mind, connect to your creativity, turn ON your magnetism, clear self-sabotage patterns, fast track your manifestations, build your biz with solid structures so your higher self radiantly comes through.


You will carry these effective tools 🛠 in your regulation toolbox forever!


What you get:

  •  45 minute Live Masterclass
  •  Stress Clearing + Calm Activation 
  •  5 Efficient Regulation Practices That Work Immediately
  •  Lifetime Access to Replay


Learn to importance of bouncing back from your stress response as you continue to expand to your fullest expression, increasing your capacity to grow and receive, overcoming your fears!

PLUS you get a glimpse of business programs designed to guide you in a way that is unlike anything you've seen before.











I’m Kara Karaoguz!


Nervous system regulation Goddess with over 13 years experience a birth professional (doula + HypnoBirthing,) energy healer, certified yoga instructor, EFT practitioner, NLP master P, RN with an additional degree in psychology. That said, I am also an Intuitive Embodiment Mentor and Business Energetics Strategist. 

My love for the nervous system runs DEEP. 


What started as teaching expectant moms how to stay calm in their birthing body while welcoming new life into this world ( their BABY!! ) has naturally evolved into guiding entrepreneurs to birth their passion and purpose in the form of an online, soul-led, service based business. 


I’ve seen nervous system regulation magic work in my own life time + time again...from overcoming codependency to scaling my business to 6-figures. It means so much to me to share this life changing knowledge with clients to better support their journey of grounding for online business expansion.

See you for this Masterclass experience on 4/22/22 at 12pm ET

(replay will be available)


YES! I need this!