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2022 Psychic Readings 

If you’ve been looking to feel into what’s coming for you for 2022, I’m here to guide you on your next steps.

We’re going to pull a spread to see

↠ what each month is going to bring you
↠ how we can bring you the most success in both love + money
↠ if there are any blocks in your year or anything that you need to know it’s going to come through

I’m a pure + clear channel. This is a reading so you can feel where you need to go in 2022.

I’m so excited to guide you. On Sale $111/45 minutes

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Tapping into my intuitive abilities, our session starts with a reading. I tune into your guides and your energy, then we go into strategy around love or business, depending on your preference.
Each session looks different. I truly value meeting you where you are.

You’ll walk away with a strategy…a plan to best support you moving forward into your embodied leadership-tapping into freedom within, your inevitable success, your soulmate deep connections + sense of belonging. Whether it's new practices to get the LOVE you desire or a new offering complete with pricing, you'll be clear!


In these sessions, I excel in giving you tools for emotional regulation which soothes the nervous system. 


I hold space for your transformation. The truth is: I create a sacred space for you to practice taking up as you step more fully into your highest potential. 

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Fully Expressed Healing Sessions 

Imagine pinpointing exactly what’s holding you back from all you desire then knowing how to move past that.

Imagine peeling back the layers of who you thought you had to be, revealing who you ARE on a soul level.

The emphasis is EMBODIMENT. Each session looks different though I do combine energy healing in the form of Reiki + EFT, while accessing messages from your guides &/or utilizing oracle cards, tapping into the subconscious mind through a meaningful NLP meditation channeled just for you.

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Kara brings a unique skill set to her work with clients.


Her background in psychology, with attention to maladaptive patterns along with knowledge of physiological responses in the body are very supportive when reprogramming mindsets. 

Energy healing, EFT, subconscious mind work through hypnosis and NLP, along with yogic philosophy and spirituality provide a solid foundation for transformation. 

Playing in the quantum field, we shift frequencies on a deep soul level so clients become an energetic match to their desires - in life, love and business. 

Kara is also a Registered Nurse, the most trusted profession, honoring soul work as an RN home birth assistant from time to time.

Safety first, my love. Safety first. Then curiosity, inspiration, and EXPANSION into your highest self!!

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