The word "doula" (pronounced doo-la) is a Greek word meaning "servant" or "caregiver".  The modern sense of the word is "mothering the mother" during labor & birth.  Through the ages, it was commonplace for women to support women during birth~as companions &/or Midwives.  For a period of time, as men entered the scene, women were denied this vital support; this was a sad time in the history of birthing.  More and more, women are looking for female labor companions~in addition to spouses.  Assembling a birth team to honor the Mother's requests (barring any special circumstances) is the closest guarantee a family will get to having the birth experience they so desire.
 The role of the Birth Doula is to provide constant support on all levels (emotionally, mentally, physically) to the expectant mother & her birth companion.  Doulas are trained and experienced in childbirth and are often mothers themselves.  They possess knowledge & awareness of female physiology in birth, offering a variety of comfort measures as a means of coping with labor effectively.  It is important to accompany the expectant Mother to help ensure a safe & satisfying birth experience.

What Birth Doulas do NOT do:

  • Doulas do not perform clinical tasks, such as taking blood pressure, assessing the baby's heart rate, or checking the progress of the cervix in labor
  • They do not give medical advice, however they do work together with Parents to explore all options to ensure the best decisions have been made in each individual situation   
  • Doulas do not make decisions for the Parents or communicate with the medical staff with regards to your wishes, but they support each choice the Mother & her partner make

What to expect from your Birth Doula:

  • They give each family information about labor & birth to help them make informed choices, including exploring options of what to incorporate in a birth plan
  • They help with questions to ask caregiver to ensure each Mother does what is best for her & her baby
  • They Provide emotional support during labor & birth
  • They offer productive, effective ways for Father (or other Birth Companion) to work with Mother & birthing body
  • They suggest different ways for Mother to move in labor, encourage change of position, sips of water or light snacks, etc
  • They offer comfort measures including massage, counter-pressure, hot/cold packs, breathing techniques, relaxation to improve the Mother's ability to cope with each surge
  • They hold space for laboring Mother & birth companion to get into their own rhythm within the natural process of labor
Given the epidemic of unnecessary inductions, with 1 in 3 women having a cesarean birth, it is important now more than ever to educate women and encourage each expectant Mom to find what works best for her, while remaining open to possibility.  Understanding that there are long-term effects of traumatic birth experiences for the Mother, Father/Companion & Baby, one can view having a Birth Doula as a 'insurance policy' to honor birthing wishes and support an empowering, positively transformative experience.
"My husband and I were not going to have a doula, but met Kara by chance very late in my pregnancy and immediately bonded with her. My husband and I felt confident on our own but liked Kara so much we decided to hire her as our doula  "just in case" my labor did not go as planned. I only met with her a few times but the few sessions with her were very impactful and gave me the focus and state of mind needed to have the natural birth I wanted. My husband and I both realized that after the birth we felt that having her there was absolutely critical (despite the labor going as planned) and we do not know what we would have done without her. She also supported us in the days leading up to and following the birth any time I needed which was so critical. My birth experience was very positive and it is a credit to Kara's calming influence and positive energy that made it possible." 
-Nancy Bennett

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  • Complimentary "meet and greet" meeting
  • at least 1 Prenatal visit
  • 24 hour on-call availability from 38 weeks on   
  • Support throughout your labor and birth
  • Immediate Postpartum Support (for at least 1 hour after birth)   
  • 1 Postnatal visit

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About me as your Doula...

I’m a Certified Birth Doula (2012) and have been present for over 100 empowering births. Holding space, guiding, supporting, encouraging is my forte.⁣
I teach HypnoBirthing (and am certified through their Institute 2010 and again 2018), hypnosis for birth to remind parents of natural, instinctual, physiological birth. ⁣