1:1 private mentorship


This is for the lovers, truth seekers, rebels, spiritual CEO's, healers, conscious leaders & anyone ambitious AF ready to light this bitch UP. 

You are ready to live your life to the fullest, while also making a HUGE impact, leaving a LEGACY.

Because you know that you soul is hungry for more... You are ready to show UP this year to make it your most impactful, profitable, pleasure filled year yet. 

The work that we do together is multidimensional; just as you are. We use modalities like somatics, trauma informed healing, spiritual tools + guidance, as well as my years of experience helping clients with strategy + growing their online businesses.

If you are wanting to have someone to guide you to truly having it all, you've landed in the right place. 


A Thriving (Online) Business.

A Loving, Passionate Relationship.

A Meaningful, Pleasure-filled Life with Spaciousness and Joy.

A Deep Connection to Spirit and Source.


I get it, you have always been told you are too much, though at times you've felt like you're not enough. You've been told you have to niche down. You have been told time + time again that you have to do things a certain way; but your soul says no. 

I am here for you if you desire to do it YOUR own way. 

To live a life, create the love + run a business filled with embodiment, strategy, in integrity, and a deeply connected to your inner power.



It’s time to claim your innate worthiness, stand in your power, your purpose, your mission in Life, LOVE, and Entrepreneurship.


We accomplish this together through powerful strategies within yourself and within your business. Once those masculine structures are in place, your feminine flow is safe to come out and play.


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Short term mentorship:

Option 1: One month Voxer or

Option Two: 3 month Embodied 1:1 Investment


For the beautiful soul who is ready to deepen + expand in love, intimacy, purpose +/or entrepreneurship. It's for you if you are ready for your next level of depth + self discovery. Soul alignment. Self-actualization.

 Powerful activations  + implementation as you embody your fullest expression.

Pay In Full 

or custom payment plan available

Long term mentorship

12 months of stability + power as we expedite your process of rooting down to RISE UP, expanding to your fullest expression. In love or in entrepreneurship. Or BOTH!


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I'm so freaking READY

2:1 Relationship Coaching

If you are looking to work together regarding your relationship or love - you can read even more about it here! Love is included in all of my 1:1 packages, but in case you are feeling good about your business and energetics and are ready to create the most INCREDIBLE relationship of your wildest dreams... you can read more here.

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Want to get a taste of coaching without the commitment?

You can book a session with me below. I have a couple different options, depending on what kind of support you are looking for right now. These often get booked out.

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Nervous System Regulation

Understanding what goes on in your human body when fear is detected is essential when birthing and building an online business. It is also vital when nurturing a healthy, conscious relationship with your lover. I teach you how to create a safe space across the board. 

Self Mastery 

Knowing yourself better than anyone else sets the stage for leadership and expansion. This includes emotional intelligence, body awareness and somatics.

Embodied Leadership 

Leading yourself FIRST then leading others. Balancing masculine and feminine energies to build SOLID relationships and a business model that WORKS is very supportive to expanding to your fullest expression!

Me + you for 20 minutes.

- Let's do this. -


This is a totally free 20 minute call, no obligation. I wanted to make these available for you so we can connect 1:1 over zoom, + go deeper! I have MANY options for you to choose from. 


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