Wounded to


4-week group coaching intensive to catapult you from inferior and not-enough to fully embodied in your POWER!

Experience an incredibly powerful transformation during our time together!!

Overcome unhealthy, toxic relationships, know your worth and learn to embody the sh*t out of it!!

🚫Wounded: thinking you’re the fixer, the one to save others, the healer in relationships, putting your needs on the back burner
🔥Worthy: knowing you are only responsible for yourself, this life is their path

🚫Wounded: feeling inferior, like you’re not good enough, not living up to your fullest potential
🔥Worthy: identifying your strengths, knowing your worth, stepping into your unique gifts with confidence

🚫Wounded: convincing others to see your worth, constantly feeling like you have to prove yourself to someone just to get their love
🔥Worthy: knowing it’s not your job to teach someone how to love you right or to see how amazing you are

🚫Wounded: feeling unable to lean on your person emotionally despite all the times you’ve been supportive of them
🔥Worthy: knowing that if people flake on you that’s their issue, not at all a reflection of you and you get to decide if that’s working for you or not

🚫Wounded: going after or getting involved with emotionally unavailable lovers
🔥Worthy: knowing it’s not about them, rather a void in you, looking externally for validation and fulfillment, likely from a mother wound


We all have scars. We all have battle wounds. Have you moved past them?

Are you ready to evolve?

Or are you going to keep repeating the patterns that leave you feeling stuck?

This is a trauma-informed group program designed to be supportive of those on the healing journey, ready to start really seeing some results!!

We start

Wounded to Worthy Round 2 kicks off!









When you know you’re worthy, you get to experience:


Deep Peace

True Love

Aware of Your Unique Gifts

Genuine, Meaningful, Fulfilling Connections

Happiness & Success on All Levels!

Leave destructive patterns behind you and learn to create a new reality for yourself!!

The wound may not be your fault but the healing is your responsibility.

This is not just a coaching intensive, it is a life-changing experience!!

As your coach, I am here to raise the collective consciousness by shifting your vibrations. I remind you to believe in yourself as I walk you home to your true nature! Let’s move from wounded to worthy together! C’mon!!

Week 1: Show Up

Get to know yourself better than ever before; this is essential to your healing!! Increasing self awareness, begin to clear, heal, dissolve, transmute the negative energy still stored in your body from trauma. Understand your roots and under pinnings of all relationships NOW! Gain valuable insights into how you operate and WHY in order to stop those thought patterns and behaviors no longer serving you!

Week 2: Shadow Work

Learn about your body's physiological responses to threats, in-depth look at boundaries, connections to attachment styles, value the old coping patterns that kept you safe and establish new responses! We’re moving from 3D to 5D, baby!! First we gotta make way!

Week 3: Connect the Dots

Clear the cobwebs and reset your deep inner programming! We focus on Inner Child Healing, Reparenting and learn the importance of decluttering. We talk grief, acceptance, forgiveness and balancing our sacred masculine and feminine energies. Learn new practices to support your healing! Access Gratitude, Prosperity, Abundance Mindsets to tap into your unique FLOW!!! Major reprogramming in this week, really exciting stuff!!

Week 4: Rebirth

You will feel refreshed and invigorated, with a new sense of self worth, self esteem, confidence! With a new found ability to regulate, you'll experience a REBIRTH: this new version of self! Develop a new vision for your future, Get crystal clear on your dream life, with those barriers previously worked on and removed, allow yourself to truly receive!! No more blocks to your abundance! Show up as the Next Level You.

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"Kara's group program was everything that she promised. Through this program I have found a stronger self using the many tools that she provided during our time. This program has helped me to know and value myself more than ever. I am without a doubt well on my way to working toward showing up in the next chapters of my life as my best self because of participating in this program. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is working on healing from trauma."


“Wounded to Worthy has been so incredibly transformational. I am seeing so many wonderful changes in my life as a result of the work I am doing prompted by your posts and content. The Universe is reflecting back to me a very elevated experience. I can see how the world around me is changing as a result of my changing thoughts and vibrations! It’s VERY exciting and I am so grateful to be apart of the supportive, healing community you’ve created.”


"I'm already a different person than when I initially reached out to Kara. I now understand what it means to "do the work" and show up for myself and I can't remember when I've been more at peace. If you're looking to improve your life in any way, I highly recommend investing in yourself and taking Kara's hand on that journey."


"Kara's weekly zoom meetings helped me and pushed me. She pushed me to do the work, and really get to the bottom of inner issues I had. She didn't do it for me, but pushed me to do it MYSELF which is the best thing a life coach can do for anybody. I am forever grateful for Kara and the gifts she gave me to leap into my highest self."


“I had my first date since Simon* (*named changed) and I parted two and a half years ago. So it's been almost 12 years since I've been on a first day. I was a wreck!! Sooooo nervous but a pre-workout helped my jitters. Michael is such a wonderful man. I noticed posts from other women on his page commenting on what an amazing friend he is, how his nieces adore him and even one from a woman colleague who praised him for being so supportive of women in his industry. He admires his mom. Such great things. And it was even better on our date. We had so much fun and I laughed the whole time. I felt comfortable and myself. I don't think I would have the appreciation for him without Wounded to Worthy because this DOES feel different. It's not as "charged". But it's mired in deep appreciation for the good guy that he is. He suggested a second date location and began inquiring about my relationship with Simon. The cool thing is that I am excited but not attached to an outcome. It's such a beautiful peaceful grounded feeling. I LOVE IT!!!”