Welcome Beautiful!

I'm so glad you found your way here!!

I guide spiritual, ambitious women through deep healing and into self-empowered ALIGNMENT so they can attract a sacred LOVE!!


Learn How To Build a Healthy, Loving Sacred Relationship by Discovering Your Attachment Style

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It’s no coincidence you’re here now. You called this in, and it’s time to Do The Work.

You currently:

“How TF did this happen again?”- you say to yourself. Convinced your “picker” is broken after yet another toxic relationship. You keep repeated the negative patterns and cycles of behavior!

Struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem, you often put others needs before your own. 

 An "Unaware Empath" or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) feeling exhausted and drained all the time, lost and confused, out of touch with your own intuition

Things are feeling more monotonous than usual lately. You know you were made for more, but you can’t put your finger on what that is or how you’ll achieve it.

  FFS, yesss, you’ve tried powering down, and unplugging YOU but you know it’s time for a total reboot.

So you haven’t been dealt the best hand. Me neither. But together, we can turn your chaos into newfound confidence and clarity around who you are, and who you’re becoming. 


Hey love, I'm Kara!

The one who guides you through this entire process, walking with you every step of the way!

As an Intuitive Life Coach with an emphasis on spirituality, soul ascension and love, I am committed to your growth on a very deep level.

Basically, I’m in the business of getting all up in yo’ business to provide you with the tools to live a life of abundance, intention, and gratitude, with PLENTY of Protective Practices to move you towards an Empowered Empath!

For years, I’d been conditioned to think disconnection (not really KNOWING who I am) and anxiety were normal--a result of childhood sexual abuse and betrayals. Yoga pulled me out of my darkness at 19 and opened the door to spirituality, gratitude, and grace. After completing my degree in Psychology my purpose was revealed to me: help survivors heal.

Healing is at the heart of everything I do; in my work as a Soul Ascension Guide, Love Coach, RN, Kripalu Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Energy Conductor, RN Home Birth Assistant, and single mom. 

Grab a copy of my book: Keep Showing Up: A Memoir and Powerful Guidebook for Empaths to Embody Self-Love, Self-Empowerment, and Self-Worth"

Calling all Empaths and Truth Seekers!!

Crave deeper connections with others?

✦ Have relationship struggles and can’t seem to get it right?

✦ Want to “save” others, while leaving yourself in the dust?

✦ Desire more closeness and presence from those you love, more availability?

✦ Are ready to do the deeply healing inner work for your own ascension?

✦ Are ready to end codependency and walk away from unhealthy relationships?

Keep Showing Up is a moving memoir that guides you through radical acceptance, to learn from the pain, grow into your best self, and create a life you love!
Filled with 38+ lessons that are sure to change your life for the better.
This ain't ya mama's "Raise Your Vibration" manifestation.

This is healing your core wounds and creating a safe space emotionally to welcome all the good meant for you. This is understanding your attachment style(s) to view yourself with compassion. This is learning to regulate your nervous system. This is the balance of masculine and feminine energy. And seriously so much more!

This is where deeper levels of intimacy show TF up. 

This is supporting and guiding you through your own hardships for the purpose of your growth, your evolution, your soul's ascension, baby!

Get 1:1 private coaching support weekly for one, 3- or 6-months.




 Root Down

A LOT comes up in the first phase of us working together. It's going to sting a little. You've been warned. In order to ASCEND, we first get to GROUND down!! We'll talk through your past coping patterns, conflict styles, defense mechanisms, fears, your Shadow self, etc. All your shit. On the table. So we can deal with it. But you're not doing this alone, I'm right by you supporting you in a safe, loving environment.

▶ Alignment

What it is: PLAYTIME! It's all practice! We’re turning your ship around. Now is when we get yo ass back in alignment with who TF you truly are. It's time to unlearn and relearn new programming. We’ll talk inner child healing, reparenting, grief, acceptance and forgiveness. You find your footing. You accept the truth, catch your breath and establish your new normal.

What it isn’t: Finger-pointing. Blame game. Unplugging and counting to 10. 

▶ Rebirth

Say this with me, “Hi, I’m ______, allow me to reintroduce myself.” This is it; the big finish! Goodbye chaos and uncertainty. Hello, confidence and clarity. We’re putting a lot of new shiny tools into your toolbox: regulation, decision-making skills, positive affirmations, manifestations and the Law of Attraction.

The results of a restored & regulated nervous system:
(I can’t turn my psychology brain off. You’ll thank me for it later.)

 Deep peace, like you've never felt before (it may feel foreign at first!)
✦Confidence and self-esteem
Sacred LOVE (Yes- when you look in the mirror too...)
 Ability to make decisions from a place of love and certainty in all areas of your life. (Silence those people-pleasing tendencies!) 
 Understand and accept why you’ve made the choices you’ve made, knowing NOW you know better.
 Get out of your own head, and focus on positive thoughts and emotions. Truly embody a sense of empowerment! (Ummm....where do I pay?!)
(And I didn’t even mention lifestyle benefits like deeper sleep, improved focus and concentration, stronger intuition, and HELLO- more time for YOU)
So, how does that feel in your body?

Are you excited to start your healing journey together?


3 Month Client

"I'm already a different person than when I initially reached out to Kara. I now understand what it means to "do the work" and show up for myself and I can't remember when I've been more at peace. If you're looking to improve your life in any way, I highly recommend investing in yourself and taking Kara's hand on that journey."

KC, Breakthrough Session Student

"Kara has a warmth and depth to her that made me feel safe, trusting and comfortable. This allowed me to dig deeper and explore uncomfortable topics I typically would avoid. She asked though-provoking questions, listened whole heartedly and gave me honest feedback. By the end of our time together, I had a much deeper level of understanding of where I'm at in my journey and where I want to go from here. With Kara's guidance, I now feel confident that I am on the right path. I am beyond grateful to have had the privilege to work with Kara."

3 Month Client

"This girl guided me to see what is right in front of me. Things I couldn't see, or understand are clear now. I highly recommend reaching out if you need a boost, or a dose of reality."